Mar 4, 2011

Challenge #3

Challenge #3
March 4 - March 24

Theme: Music

Maybe I'm being influenced by this season of American Idol with this challenge's theme. I don't know but I am enjoying it more than usual. I just love Stephen Tyler and I've gone from feeling neutral about Jennifer Lopez to liking her a great deal! Who knows, I may even buy her current album after watching her video which they played last night. In any event, this challenge's theme is Music, so go on, go turn up your favorite music, dance around the house a little bit, then grab your favorite medium and get painting/drawing!

Challenge #2 Mosaic

Feb 12, 2011

Challenge #2 - Water

Serena Valentino
Living Water

Jeannie Fisher

Samuel Valentino
Heracles and the Sea Serpent: The Rescue of Hesione
Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Jeanmarie Fisher

Jeanmaire Fisher

Jeanmarie Fisher

Gabriella Valentino

Gavin Valentino

Garden Waterfall
Pen & Ink and Watercolor

Darlene Twitchell
Waterfall in Brandon, VT
Pen & Ink and Watercolor

Darlene Twitchell
Tall Ship
Pen & Ink and Watercolor

Mary Holsapple
The Ocean Visited Through my Minds Eyes
Acrylic and mixed textures

Feb 11, 2011

Challenge #2

Challenge #2
February 11 - March 3

Theme: Water

This challenge's them was going to be "Ocean" but instead I've decided to make it an all encompassing theme of "Water". Absolutely anything involving that clear liquid which keeps us alive is welcome. I can't wait to see the submissions! And remember, everyone is invited so get creative and have some fun!

Challenge #1 Mosaic

Jan 31, 2011

Challenge #1 - Snow

Jeannie Fisher

Jeanmarie Fisher, Age 9

Mary Holsapple
Snow Angel

Gabriella Valentino, age 8
Giant Snowflakes with Snowmen
Tempra and Pencil

Gavin (G-Man) Valentino, age 5
Polar Bear Invading Snowmen Town
Marker, Oil Pastel and Pencil

Arianna (Rocket) Valentino, age 3
Crab with Gun Shooter Attacking Snowmen
Mixed Media

Keira Holsapple, age 7
Colored Pencil

Cassidy Holsapple, age 5

Cassidy Holsapple, age 5
Tire Tracks in the Snow
Colored Pencil

Kelly Gibbons, age 15
Snowman Peering Through Window

Lisa Gibbons, age 13
Winter House

Pen & ink on Bristol

Serena Valentino

For the Birds #1

For the Birds #2

Pen and Ink/Watercolor

Jan 14, 2011

Introduction, Instructions, and Challenge #1

I have been wanting to start an art challenge for a long time and with this being the beginning of a new year I thought this would be the perfect time to do so. 

The premise behind the challenges will be that at the end of each challenge everyone's artwork will fit together as a mosaic, hence the challenge name Mosaic Medley, heh. 

Here's how it goes...
  1. Challenges are open to all regardless of skill level.
  2. Artwork is to be done at 4"x4".
  3. Each challenge will have a new theme which the artwork should follow. 
  4. Artwork can be done in any drawing or painting medium (no digital art or photography please).
  5. Three weeks will be allotted for each challenge.
  6. Challenges will start on a Friday and be due by midnight Thursday.
  7. Final artwork should be a jpeg with the size being no less than 400x400 pixels and no greater than 1000x1000 pixels.
  8. Send finished artwork with subject line reading "Challenge #_" to: mosaicmedley @ In the body state the artist's name, the medium used, and a link to your website or blog (if applicable). Make sure your image is being sent as an email attachment and is not embedded in the email body.  
  9. You may submit up to 4 pieces for each challenge.
Once I receive your submission I will post it to the blog and at the end of the three weeks I'll post the resulting mosaic!

I think that's it! So let's start shall we?

Challenge #1
January 14 - February 10

Theme: Snow

Given the past week of weather we've had, I figure "snow" is not only a very appropriate theme, but also one for which there is currently plenty of reference material.